Our large range of stock includes:-


various types of pasture, Lucerne, oaten and mixes in both round rolls and small squares. Always sourced from reputable suppliers with attention to quality.

Stock Feed

many lines of stock feed for horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, alpacas, dogs, cats, rabbits, poultry and other birds such as budgies, pigeons, canaries etc.

Stock Medicines

Drench's, vaccines, stock blocks, antiseptics, washes, shampoos, supplements and additives etc.

Fencing Materials

all types of plain and barbed wire, fabricated wire, steel posts, pine posts, electric fencing equipment, fencing tools, gates and gate hardware, sheepyard mesh, many types of fence droppers such as hardwood, galvanised, poly etc.

Water Storage and associated products

tanks, troughs (cement and poly), poly pipe, poly fittings, ball taps etc.


The above examples are simply an illustration of the type of products we stock. By customer request we will gladly order in merchandise not in our stock list. We always strive to hold products to suit our clients regular produce and rural needs.


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